“We would highly recommend Hody from Hodiak Wildlife Solutions, LLC. for all of your rodent inspections and control.  He uses humane, non-lethal methods for all his vermin removals and transfers.  He has controlled all of our gophers, prairie dogs , muskrats, moles, voles and even our swallows!  He is our first choice for general pest services here at Trimble Crossing.”

Debbie R.

“The Ranch Property Owners Association in Hermosa had complaints about  raccoons throughout the property and we called Hodiak Wildlife Solutions  since we had been pleased with their work for us in previous years.  Hody setup traps in several locations around The Ranch and he would come out in the morning and remove the occupied traps.  We did this for a  week and he removed 22 raccoons!  His fee for this was reasonable and we are very satisfied with his service.  We highly recommend him to  individuals and associations.”

George W.
The Ranch Property Owners Association

Hodiak Outfitters provides the type of service and personal effort to make your outdoor adventure the best it can be. Whether you are hunting Mulies in Colorado, Whitetail in Texas, or chasing Moose in Alaska the knowledge and hunting experience that Hody brings to the table insures a wonderful time and a very successful hunt. I have hunted with Hody for the previous 9 years and cant say enough great things about Hody, the hunts, and the tremendous success that I have enjoyed in his camps. If you are fortunate enough to book one of his trips its very likely that you will become a lifelong friend as well as long term client.
Larry R.